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best restaurant in Jaipur

Zolocrust is the first of its kind in India, where our chefs are at the forefront and always at your service. Our restaurant is run 24×7 only by chefs, we do everything from taking your order, preparing it, serving you, cleaning, and even the dishwashing.

Zolocrust is not just a live kitchen. We do not have a back area, and we believe in our quality so much so that even the dishwashing area is kept open for your visibility.

Our chefs are equipped with state-of-the-art technology so that the food that reaches you is no less than a work of art.

We have installed a fully equipped poly-house (within the hotel campus) where we grow most of the salad vegetables used at our restaurant, so you can rest assured of the freshness of what you’re eating.

We believe

..in simplicity, focussing only on the essentials.

..in being true to ourselves even if it means being bold and unconventional.

..that if our team is happy, our customers are well taken care of.

..that a noble intent is the foundation of a great result


To abstain from serving any being on our menu

To abstain from stealing

To abstain from sexual misconduct

To abstain from telling lies

To abstain from serving intoxicants

Our Vision

To have a place in our customers’ hearts second only to home.

best restaurant in jaipur

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service is joy”

Rabindranath Tagore

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This outlet is located in hotel Clarks. I went there with my friends where in Jaipur and we had a great time there. Its a cafe cum bakery. they have nearly all kinds of sandwiches, pizza, pasta, and many many more.
We tried mushroom Margherita and the roasted veggie both were freshly prepared and tasted delicious with the topping they provided.
There was no staff present only staff were doing all the work. The best part is it’s open 24×7 so you can visit here anytime you want.

– Foodilicious

Love the food and staff. Staff here is very warm and welcoming. They make you feel like home. Food is amazing. Tiramisu, pizza and coffee are my all time favourite.

– Vidhi

It was I and my friend who decided to go to this place on my birthday as we had read so much about their food and no disappointment here. The ambience is lovely, just the right lighting for that romantic date night and the staff is very courteous! It is a place worth going to if you want to spend some quality time with your loved ones in the company of great food!

– Shifa Khatri

Went to Zolocrust for a dinner for two. It was an outstanding experience. The food (we had pizza & pasta) is the most authentic Italian food, which I have encountered in Jaipur so far. Exceptional good quality and taste. The service was flawless – from greeting the guest to serving the food. It does not come cheap but the quality definitely justifies the price. A 5-star experience, much appreciated and recommended and we will go there again, for sure.

– Vinayak Pillai

Chef do all the work at this place, from baking to serving to clean everything is done by the chefs themselves
The aroma and vibe of this place is very beautiful. I love the muffins I mean literally alluring and delicious
You must try the breads too. And no miss to the pizza. Well hygiene and a great place.

– FinishYourPlateFirst

Amazing Desserts and the Best Pizza in Jaipur!!
Both trendy and unique, team Zolo does an awesome job in providing with the best crunchy thin pizzas be it gluten-free or vegan, topped with fresh ingredients and with scrumptious cakes, beautifully presented and crafted. Not only this they have fabulous customer-friendly service. They just know how to make your day beautiful by providing the best food with the best smile. If you have a love for the best quality of food and a sweet tooth, then Zolocrust is the place to be. I cannot think of any other better place than this to recommend to anybody who is looking for amazing pizza and desserts.

Thank you, team Zolo for your exceptional service.

– Amit Ginani

We thoroughly enjoyed the pizza here. Very nice place. The highlight is that the chefs take the order so good interactive time
The pizza is fantastic. The pizza base is thin and very crisp. The toppings are excellent.
We all loved the pizza.
As the ambiance is very amazing and the quality of products there are using is very fresh and healthy

– Gauransh Chhabra

Nice place to spend a good time. Good Italian food. The pizza is very different and good. Service is good and people are very courteous here. It has got a nice ambiance. I was well-pleased with every aspect of my experience at Zolocrust. The food was delicious, the ambiance was pleasant, and the waiter was impeccable.

– Zainab Khatri

The Best Vegetarian Pizzas and cakes you can have in Jaipur, Almost all of the dishes on the menu are yummy but Mexicana pizza is my favorite, A must visit place if you’re a tourist and also if you’re a local.

– Nikhil Tirthani

Chefs perfectly understand the taste buds and needs of the customers. They serve according to the need. I also enjoyed the pastries during my visit to TFM on Sunday.
Had a really great time.

– Devesh Sane

24×7 open. Amazing food! By far the best pizza in town. Deserts are great as well. Fresh food all day long. Must must visit. Great service and inside a hotel to access the place easily.

– Yogesh Chaudhary

Amazing! The food is yummy. It’s a nice place to hang out for a quick bite or catch up with friends. The menu is quite varied and different with something for everyone. The service is quick and the restrooms are also clean. It’s also quite spacious inside. All in all, quite worth going here.

– Juhi Wadhwani

Chef Vaibhav n Chef Arpit are the true example of high-quality service n compassion. They especially helped me to deliver the Zolocrust pizza ( “world’s best pizza “) as I call it to my son Aryan Puri’s boarding school. They made my son’s day, he was super happy. I would say they have won me as a loyal customer for life. Must try the Zolocrust pizza, it’s worth every penny, Quality is very high.

– Tanya Puri

So far the best Pizza in town. The best part is everything is managed by a team of Brilliant chefs. Need another reason to visit this place, it is opened 24 hours.
Things to try:
Pizzas, Shakes, Salads, and their desserts. I have never been disappointed with their food and service so far.

– Chidansh choudhary

The food tastes genuinely Italian. The ambiance was great! Hands down the best pizza in town. I’ve been looking for a good pizzeria/ Italian restaurant for a while now and I finally found it!!!! Great place. Large portions and good food. It is my go-to Italian restaurant in Las Colinas. Good menu selection. I’m eager to try some of the other menu items. Large outdoor patio. The staff is amazing and the food is out of this world. The owner/manager always great us with a smile. Love this place. Try it out you won’t be disappointed.

– Rajwardhan Ghorpade

Zolocrust, with its fresh produce and a refined menu catering to your every need, is what keeps feeling you back in again and again. Zolocrust is a 24/7 restaurant that allows to interact with the finest chefs cooking their meals. The organically grown vegetables impart that unique flavor to the dish that is often missing in the chemically produced food that has taken over our lives today. Added to that, the use of disposable crockery and environment friendly makes this one of the best restaurant in Jaipur

– Kaushal Sankhala

Wow! What a surprise!
This place had amazingly cooked best pizzas, buttery pasta, and warm, puffy, soft Italian bread. We were in from out of town and decided to return on our way home. We loved the duality of the restaurant – the more casual walk-up area and the more formal sit down area, with a spot for every occasion. Quaint vibes added positively to the overall aesthetic of the place. Must check out this place guys if you love Italian food. I would rate it 10/10. Loved this food!

– Nilaya Sane

Amazing old world charm kind of ambience. Classic dishes, an amazing variety of Italian dishes. Good healthy options are also available. The service staff is very friendly and hospitable. Must visit restaurant in Jaipur!

– Balaji Marlo Meka Singh

Definitely the best Italian place around. With all the new restaurants popping up in this area, this place is still a favourite. My wife and I just catch up at this place whenever we are hungry. Worth for dinner as we have for many days. Service is always outstanding and you have an owner that truly cares about his customers and staff. Great food selection. Super yummy. I didn’t feel greasy and gross after. Super great customer service!

– Chetan Sane

Zolocrust has been my all time favourite. I visited the bakery-cafe again (located in Hotel Clarks Amer, Jaipur) last night with some of my friends. All the chefs present there were wearing masks and all the tables were equipped with hand sanitizer. The chef there was very polite and helping. He helped me select the best half and half pizza and when I went again to place another order; he offered me some complimentary breads along with it. I forgot to ask the name of the chef but I would really like to thank him and su-chef (Asif) for such a warm hospitality.
I would absolutely suggest this place if you are looking for some amazing pizza, pasta and breads. Also, you must try the dark chocolate-hazelnut shake and ice tea.

– Keerti Agarwal


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